Brandon Rhyder is coming back from a four-year hiatus from music with an introspective self-titled album, taking a deeper look into his personal life and delving into relationships, family, and legacies. His time away from music encouraged Rhyder to reflect on what he wanted to say as an artist, resulting in a compilation of songs that are confident, insightful, and meaningful.

“When you ponder the deeper questions — who am I as a husband, father, songwriter, and musician — it both humbles and inspires,” he commented in a press release. “And you can’t answer those questions in a rush.”

Recently, Rolling Stone Country released the album’s first single, “They Need Each Other,” written and performed with Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Lori McKenna. Inspired by a story about Rhyder’s wife tackling a task usually reserved for him, the song examines the delicacies of relationships and the compromises that make them work.

“To me, it’s a song about being a team, commitment, and sharing life with one another,” Rhyder told Rolling Stone Country.

In addition to Rhyder’s soulful duet with McKenna, the track list includes six songs written by Rhyder himself and co-written with revered songsmiths including Keith Gattis, Michael Hearne, and Bri Bagwell.